The Ultimate Automation Solution: DNOR Gate Automatic TURBO 880 (Full Set)


Automate your daily routine with DNOR Gate Automatic TURBO 880! This comprehensive package includes everything you need to benefit from automated solutions in one full set. Get started today!

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Buy DNOR Gate Automatic TURBO 880 (Full Set) For Maximum Performance

The Ultimate Automation Solution: DNOR Gate Automatic TURBO 880 (Full Set)

DNOR Swing and Folding AutoGate Turbo 880 (Full Set) provides an automatic gate solution that is reliable, safe, and easy to use.

This system features a strong power supply, an operating voltage of DC12V for cushioning speed reduction gear, a motor rotation speed of 37000 rpm, an operating ambient temperature of 10-40C, and electronic controllers using microcomputer-based solutions.

The system also features gate speed from 10 to 14 seconds with a maximum weight of 300 kg for each wing, a safety clutch equipped with an electronic counter to provide auto reverse capabilities, and remote controllers with 4 channels anti-spy multifunction.

Manual options can be enabled through the installation of specially released keys. 

— Fast, efficient, and secure automated system

— Easy to install, operate and maintain

— Sturdy construction designed to withstand heavy-duty operations

— Powerful motor rotations speed up to, 37000RPMs 

— 4 channel anti-spy multifunction remote controllers enable safe operations even when remotely controlling your gates 

— Safety clutch provides auto reverse capabilities for added protection

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