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Promote your business to 6 Southeast Asia Countries with Gooart Space Media.

An Entry-Level Small Medium needs more than 5 years to become good. Get to know Gooart Space Media 24, a company with a mission of thoughtful messaging through design that develops positive consciousness among individuals and communities alike.

Gooart Space Media 24 (GSM24) is an innovative multimedia agency founded in 2021 to provide content creation, hosting, distribution, and more for all types of media creators, including entrepreneurs, small business owners, digital nomads, artists, educators, and visionaries.

Our core values are rooted in kindness and collaboration — the same principle of putting collective ingenuity at the center of innovation that inspired the founding of GSM24 Initiatives everywhere. We believe that by working together with creative partners worldwide, we can make a real difference while bringing truly unique experiences to life.

Through our initiatives, we seek to connect through stories, exchanges, and experiences that bring us closer together as we co-create fascinating opportunities on every level. 

Love Your Space

From local communities up to organizations like schools or NGOs engaged in rural projects across continents with no limit on ambition or impact potential!

What We Do

What we need are rewards for the development of regional scientific civilization;

Education, law, and credit for entrepreneurs and regions;

Self-study, research, and creative space for the global society.

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Gooart Space Online Community is dedicated to prioritizing the discovery and sharing of stores and exciting events in the Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Selangor, Malaysia areas.

We welcome merchants from other states to connect with us for potential collaborations, but please note that marketing activities are not allowed without prior permission.

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