How to Make Your Dog and Cat Get Along

You’ll need to take time to introduce your pets, but once they are acquainted, it will be easy for them to coexist. Here are some tips on how to make your cat and dog get along:

1. Keep the cat out of your dog’s food and water. Keep the pets separated until they’re comfortable with each other’s scent.
2. Make sure that your dog has a place to get away from the cat, like an extra room or crate.
3. Play with both pets separately so they can get used to each other’s presence without fighting.
4. Don’t leave them alone together until you’re confident they’ve gotten along for at least 10 minutes.
5. Reward their good behavior by giving them treats when they are near one another – but don’t reward bad behavior!
6. If all else fails, put up a baby gate between your two pets’ territory so that neither can reach the other easily.

It’s not uncommon for dog and cat owners to have trouble getting their pets to get along. But with patience, it can be possible. One way is by finding toys that both animals will enjoy playing with together. Here are some of our favorite suggestions:

1) The Cat Dancer- This toy has a small feather on the end which cats love chasing after.
2) Kong Rubber Ball Pet Toy- Dogs like this because they bounce around in unpredictable directions.
3) Jolly Pets Romp N’ Roll Dog Toy- Cats like this one because the ball makes noise while rolling across the floor.
4) KONG Wubba Friends Dog Toys- Both dogs and cats enjoy these soft plush toys.
5) Chirpy Bird Cat Toy- Cats love it.
6) Spend quality time petting both of them together so they can bond over being stroked by the same person.

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