EU Size 36-46 Safety Shoes – Quality Steel Toe Protection


Keep your feet protected with quality EU size 36-46 steel toe protection safety shoes. Ensure that you are always safe by choosing the perfect pair for any job.

  • Provides lightweight protection from ankle to toe.
  • Comfortable and stylish design fits EU size 36 – 46-foot sizes.
  • Anti Slip bed helps prevent accidents when working with slippery materials.
  • A shock absorber heel provides further shock cushioning while on the job.
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EU Size 36-46 Safety Shoes – Quality Steel Toe Protection

If you're looking for superior protection and comfort for your feet in the workplace, EU size 36-46 steel toe protection safety shoes are the perfect choice.

With their durable construction, comfortable fit, and reinforced steel toe design, these safety shoes will provide reliable protection and peace of mind on any job.

Safety Shoes

Understand the safety features offered in safety shoes.

Safety shoes are specifically designed to protect the wearer from hazardous work environments.

To ensure safety and comfort, steel toe protection safety shoes often feature slip-resistant soles, reinforced toes for added protection against falling objects, moisture wicking materials, and shock absorbing midsoles.

Choose a pair that meets your job's specific requirements and make sure they fit properly before purchasing.

Safety Shoes

Pick the right size – EU sizes 36-46 to ensure your feet are optimally protected.

To guarantee the effectiveness of your steel toe protection safety shoes, it is important to make sure you purchase the correct size.

Steel toe protection safety shoes come in a range of EU sizes from 36-46. Be sure to measure your feet accurately and then select the optimal size for maximum comfort and protection.

Safety Shoes

Make sure to select appropriate materials for the job and environment you need protection for.

Selecting the appropriate materials for your steel toe protection safety shoes is essential. For wet or icy conditions, make sure to purchase shoes with a waterproof and insulated upper fabric for warmth and slip resistance.

Also look out for reinforced toe-caps made with steel, aluminum, or composite materials depending on your needs. Depending on the job or industrial environment you're in, certain types of protective shoes may be required.

Safety Shoes

Identify additional features, such as anti-slip soles or water-resistance, that may be necessary for your job or environment.

When looking into safety shoes, remember to identify any additional features they might need. For instance, anti-slip soles are helpful when working in wet conditions – such as outdoors or near a slippery surface like an oil slick.

Water resistance is also beneficial for outdoor and wet environments. Lastly, make sure your steel toe protection safety shoe is certified – knowing that the materials used have gone through quality control inspections offers peace of mind.

Safety Shoes

Look for extra comfort features like cushioned insoles and breathable materials if you expect to wear them often or while standing for long periods of time.

Comfort is essential when it comes to safety shoes, as you will be wearing them frequently and wanting your feet to stay protected but comfortable too.

Good cushioning and breathable materials can make all the difference, depending on where and what kind of job you are doing while wearing them. So, ensure that the steel toe protection safety shoe you choose has these comfort features in addition to being certified for quality and durability.

This hardworking safety shoe provides protection, comfort, and style in one. This comfortable steel toe safety shoe is made for the everyday tasks that may require additional shin/toe protection.

Features an anti-slip sole, steel toe cap, steel mid-sole and a removable shock absorber heel making it the ultimate in lightweight protection from ankle to toe when you’re on the job!


  • Closed: Lace-up
  • Heel height: Middle heel
  • Toe Style: Round toe
  • Sole Material: Rubber
  • Upper Material: PU

Protective Shoe Features:

Anti-Static, Steel Toe Cap, Steel Midsole, Slip Resistant Sole, Water Penetration Resistant, Oil Resistant Sole, Anti-Slip Sole, and Shock Absorber Heel

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