新品USB充电户外旅行露营电风扇 USB Outdoor Camping Fan


This USB-charging outdoor travel camping electric fan is perfect for cooling down on hot days.

With 3 fan blades and 4-speed settings, you can easily adjust the wind speed to meet your needs.

Its low noise operation means you won’t be disturbed as you enjoy the gentle cool breeze.

The built-in battery can be conveniently charged with a USB cable, and its folding design allows it to be easily stored in your bag or pocket when not in use.

– 3 Fan Blades and 4 Speed Settings

– Low Noise Operation

– Built-in Rechargeable Battery

– Folding Design for Easy Storage

– Enjoy a cooling breeze wherever you go

– Easily adjust the wind speed and intensity to suit your needs

– Highly portable – folds up for easy storage in your bag or pocket

– Convenient USB charging lets you stay powered on the go

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新品USB充电户外旅行露营电风扇 USB Outdoor Camping Fan

新品USB充电户外旅行露营电风扇 USB Outdoor Camping Fan新品USB充电户外旅行露营电风扇 USB Outdoor Camping Fan新品USB充电户外旅行露营电风扇 USB Outdoor Camping Fan新品USB充电户外旅行露营电风扇 USB Outdoor Camping Fan

This camping electric fan uses the latest USB charging technology for an easy supply of power.

It is designed to help campers, adventurers, hikers, and other outdoor activities enjoy their time when out in nature!

It features 4 speeds for optimal air circulation, an adjustable base mount, and a built-in LED light.

It takes only 8 hours to recharge from any available USB port.

- USB charging technology

- Adjustable base mount

- Built-in LED light

- 4-speed settings

- Enjoy your time outdoors with an easy supply of power via a USB charging system

- Enjoy improved air circulation with up to four-speed settings

- Use the built-in LED light if needed in dark or low visibility conditions

- Setting up and cleaning up is simple and can be done quickly

This USB-charging outdoor travel camping electric fan is an essential companion for any outdoor trip.

Its wide-angle fan blades efficiently cool you while its small size conveniently fits inside your backpack or other carry bag.

The USB port gives you the option to plug it into a laptop, power bank, or car charger when battery life runs low!

Its adjustable speed modes and 270-degree tiltable stand also make it perfect for specific cooling areas.

- Portable and compact design

- 4 adjustable speeds

- Ceiling fan function

- Oscillating technology for a larger reach

- Long-lasting battery for hours of cooling breeze

- USB charging port ensures you never forget your cable

- No need to worry about replacing batteries ever again

- Effective in hot climates - keeps you cool even when the sun is out

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