Community and Non-Profit

We’re so glad you joined us for our annual meeting!
The purpose of this gathering is to bring together the people who make up our community and non-profit organizations. We are excited about how much good can come out from these collaborations, but there’s one thing holding back some potential: communication barriers between groups with different missions or cultures.

To help mitigate those challenges as best we can while also taking care not put too many burdens on any individual group – both staff members’ time AND financial resources — I’d like everyone here today at X company (wherever they work) to consider joining me in working through a few simple exercises designed around developing better listening skills; ways each person might be able to learn.

The community spirit is alive and well. Volunteering or giving back to your local nonprofit will make you feel much better about yourself in no time at all!

With a plethora of non-profits and charities to choose from, you must do your research before donating money or time. Be sure the organization has transparent accounting practices so they don’t waste resources on donations which could go towards better causes if donors knew exactly where their funds went!

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